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Un viaggiatore, una piccola stazione, una valigia da consegnare a una misteriosa persona Da questa premessa si possono snodare innumerevoli vicende, ma sono dieci quelle che l autore propone in questo sorprendente e godibilissimo romanzo un romanzo sul piacere di leggere romanzi protagonista il lettore, che per dieci volte cominica a leggere un libro che per vicissitudini estranee alla sua volont non riesce a finire Ho dovuto dunque scrivere l inizio di dieci romanzi d autori immaginari, tutti in qualche modo diversi da me e diversi tra loro Italo Calvino...

Title : Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore (Oscar opere di Italo Calvino) (Italian Edition)
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Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore (Oscar opere di Italo Calvino) (Italian Edition) Reviews

  • Luisa
    2019-04-19 18:05

    Nicht die "normale" Herangehensweise eines Autors. Man braucht eine Weile, um die Denkweise zu verinnerlichen. Nicht, um es in einem Rutsch zu lesen. Zum Schmunzeln.

  • Ana K
    2019-04-13 13:58

    Die Bücher von Calvino sind immer zu empfehlen, diese Ausgabe ist auch so - schöner Einband, gemutliches Layout und Schrift, alles rund um das Lesen ist gut beachtet und gut gemacht.

  • Roger Brunyate
    2019-04-24 19:02

    "You are about to start reading the new novel, * by Italo Calvino. Relax. Concentrate." So begins this extraordinary book, with an account of your visit to the bookstore, your purchase, and your eager anticipation on the streetcar coming home. Finally, the novel itself, set in the bar of a provincial station; it might almost be an Italian Maigret. But does the steam that obscures everything come from the trains or the espresso machine? It is not even clear which era we are in; what happens next seems entirely arbitrary, in the hands of the author.Now you discover that you have read the same text before; the novel you have just purchased consists of the same sixteen pages printed over and over again. You take the book back and demand an exchange. You meet a young lady who has encountered the same problem. She gives you her number. You both go away with the book you have decided to read instead, a new Polish novel filled with cooking smells and warm human bodies. But it is not quite Polish, with names such as Brigd, Gritzvi, and Pëtkwo. And besides, every other pair of facing pages turns out to be blank....And so it goes on: eleven chapters in the second person about your search for the book (and growing interest in the young lady), with the first chapters of ten different novels interspersed, each set in a different place (England, South America, Japan...), each in a different style. It is the shape, almost exactly, of Mario Vargas Llosa's , published two years earlier in 1977, though the Calvino is less literal and more intricately self-referential. David Mitchell has cited its influence, which can clearly be seen in the six story-beginnings (and endings) in different styles that constitute his . This is not a book you read for character or plot, but for the author's humor, love of words, and his sheer delight in manipulating the materials of his craft. It is a book about reading books and reading one another, about connections, about possibilities, and the boundless imagination. How wonderful to know that this book is out there!But a warning: reading this has the curious property of making you treat anything else you read at around the same time, however straight, as if it were also surreal....*I read this in Italian; the link is to the fine English translation by Willam Weaver.