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Anne Bishops erotic, fervently romantic, and superbly entertaining Booklist novelSebastianintroduced readers to the realm of Ephemera Now, the award winning,New York Times bestselling author continues her tale of light and darkness The Eater of the World is casting its shadow over the landscapes of Ephemera, tainting peoples souls with doubts and fears Only Glorianna Belladonna possesses the ability to thwart the Eaterbut she is not alone In dreams, a call has traveled beyond the LandscapesHearts hope lies within Belladonnaand reached Michael, a man with mysterious powers of his own Together, they may offer Ephemera the very hope it needs....

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Belladonna (Ephemera) Reviews

  • MO
    2019-04-07 16:26

    This story had it all, love and hate, sadness and strength. I liked Belladonna as a protagonist, although some of the plot might feed clichees that actually doesn't bother me at all. Does not every love story feed some kind of clichee?! I like the way Belladonna fights with so much integrity for her worlds, her family and her love and don't mind at all shedding a few tears over some sad turns in the story. In Ms Bishop's stories it is never just black or white - and I truly appreciate that. I hope she will soon give us more stories.

  • hwm
    2019-03-23 14:06

    Im ersten Band der Dilogie, SEBASTIAN, stand der Halbdämon und Zauberer Sebastian im Mittelpunkt der Geschehnisse. Seine Liebe zu Lynnea ließ den lichten Teil seines Wesens obsiegen, während die anderen Zauberer und Hüter der Finsternis von Glorianna Belladonna verbannt wurden.Doch der Verzehrer der Welt weitet seinen Einfluss auf immer mehr Teile Ephemera aus und lässt sie in Verzweiflung und Dunkelheit versinken. Allein Glorianna Belladonna kann ihn aufhalten, doch sie hat keine Ahnung wie sie es bewerkstelligen soll. Diese Verantwortung ruht schwer auf den Schultern der jungen Frau, die Stärke beweisen muss, auch wenn Zweifel, Frustration und Einsamkeit an ihr nagen.Michael, ein fahrender Musikant in einem weit entfernten Teil Ephemeras, kann in die Herzen der Menschen blicken. Als die Welt um ihn herum immer unwirtlicher und bösartiger wird, vernimmt er die Prophezeiung "Heart's hope lies within Belladonna!", die ihm neue Zuversicht schenkt. Michael macht sich auf die Suche nach des Rätsels Lösung und in seinen Träumen begegnet er immer wieder einer mysteriösen, grünäugigen Fremden.BELLADONNA ist ein würdiger Abschluss der Ephemera-Dilogie. Vor allem das düstere und emotional packende Ende hat mich daran erinnert, warum ich von der Autorin so begeistert bin. Es ist keine typische Gut-gegen-Böse-Konfrontation, bei der sich die jeweiligen Vertreter gegenüberstehen und mit Schwertern aufeinander einschlagen, sondern ist viel dramatischer und origineller. Einfach genial!Bis dorthin ist es jedoch ein weiter Weg, der nicht jedermanns Geschmack sein wird, denn dieses Buch geht noch mehr als sein Vorgänger in Richtung "romantische Fantasy". Die Autorin widmet sich mit großer Hingabe den Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren (vor allem Belladonna-Michael) und vernachlässigt den Verzehrer der Welt, der (bis auf wenige Momente) nicht die gewünschte Bedrohlichkeit ausstrahlt. Außerdem führt Bishop eine neue Gruppe von Charakteren ein, die aufgrund eines anderen geschichtlichen Hintergrundes, andere Begriffe für Landscapers, Bridges, Guides, Guardians etc. haben. Die Prinzipien, die hinter Ephemera stehen, waren schon in SEBATIAN nur schwer zu verstehen, das terminologische Wirrwarr in BELLADONNA ist kaum erträglich. Ein Glossar wäre hilfreich, ist aber nicht vorhanden. Deswegen rate ich Neueinsteigern dringend dazu mit SEBASTIAN anzufangen.Die Ephemera-Dilogie reicht nicht ganz an die Black Jewels heran, ist jedoch um einiges besser als die Tir-Ailann Trilogie und für alle, die romantische Fantasy mögen, höchst empfehlenswert!

  • Lazy Literature
    2019-03-24 21:06

    I just finished the novel and I was so swept up in it, I couldn't lay it down. *sigh*Belladonna concludes the novel "Sebastian" and with it the duology about the world Ephemera. Here we can witness the final battle that Glorianna wields with the Eater of the World. And we meet Michael, a Magician who dreamt of Glorianna since some time and wants to meet the woman who holds his heart, although he never saw her.The battle includes Michael's sister Caitlin Marie, his aunt Brighid and several old friends we already met in the first volume: Yoshani, Lee, Sebastian, Lynnea and Nadia, Jeb and others.The book is filled with magic, with fun, with tears and laughter. I cried and laughed with them and I really, really recommend it to anyone who loves rich fantasy with music, magic and hope.

  • H. Grove (errantdreams)
    2019-04-17 21:22

    Glorianna and Michael make a wonderful romantic team-up. They’re both strong and stubborn, but Michael’s relaxed nature makes a great complement to Belladonna’s more intense emotions.Michael is a great way to show how not all Landscapers are the same, and not all of them even necessarily know what it is they’re doing. It’s a nice contrast to the school for Landscapers in Sebastian. Belladonna also does I think the best job I’ve ever seen of explaining why it is that ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ need each other, and how that works. That alone fascinates me and makes the plot sing.We get to see some of our favorite characters from Sebastian return. In particular, Sebastian and Lee play a part in events. Everyone is involved, however, from Lynnea to Nadia. There are new side characters to add to the chaos of things, such as Michael’s sister Caitlin, their aunt Brighid, and so on. Since Michael and Caitlin don’t understand how Landscaping works, we get a much better look at how vulnerable landscapes can be to changing at the whim of a Landscaper’s heart–how this can be a good thing, and how it can truly screw things up.I’m looking forward to reading book three!

  • Anne M
    2019-04-03 20:23

    From other reviews you can easily get the basic concept of the plot so I'm not going to repeat the plot summary here. Anne Bishop is one of my favorite authors and, in my opinion, one of her greatest strengths is making her characters 'real'. The heroes have flaws that only make the characters more believable.Unfortunately the Ephemera duology does not live up to Ms. Bishop's usual standard. The banter between family members was often too immature for their ages. I have to admit to similar banter, but we grew out of it well before we reached the ages of the main characters in Belladonna. It was initially somewhat amusing, but quickly became a bit annoying. This seemed to sum up many aspects of 'Belladonna'. A good concepts were either never fully developed or fell flat.So how do I rate a book like 'Belladonna'? I had to think - if this was not an 'Anne Bishop' book would I have liked it? Yes, I think I would have. The universe was interesting and although it seems to have confused some, I didn't have this particular problem. If this book had been from another author, I would have suggested improvement and felt that reading other books by the same author would be well worth my time. I would have wanted to see a book of short stories to tie up some of the loose ends that weren't covered in the main plot. As a book by Anne Bishop, I was disappointed because she is not a new author and I expected better. I would have rated this book as a 3.5 given more freedom. It was better than average - but not much.

  • Marie Ashton
    2019-04-06 16:09

    This the second book in The Ephemera trilogy. The first book is Sebastian. I was surprised with Sebastian and really enjoyed the book. But Belladonna, felt a tad bit too long, and I wanted to hear the tale of The Warrior of Light. It is after all, an important piece of the puzzle. But over all, the story moved well, and I liked seeing the enemies point of view, from time to time. The way it worked and thinks. I would have enjoyed a bit more romantic interaction between Belladonna and her beau. Still, this installment was a good read for the most part. Just felt that a few twinks could have made it more of an enjoyable read. It didn't quite have the balance I usually find in Bishop's tales. But worth reading, none the less. Another beautiful emergence into a fantasy landscape.

  • snvr2l82wn
    2019-04-06 20:16

    This was a fast read and very much in line with what I've come to expect from Anne Bishop. It was hard to put down once started. The concept of Ephemera was further advanced from my introduction to it in Sebastian. The build up to the conclusion was not tedious at all and I found the solution to the Eater to be surprising. I've always enjoyed the character development in Ms. Bishop's novels. There are always interesting worlds to create, but learning about them through interesting characters is what makes a good book. She even managed to gain a bit of sympathy for her antagonist.All in all an excellent read and a good follow up to Sebastian.

  • Elaine H.
    2019-04-07 16:11

    I couldn't wait for the sequel after I read "Sebastian." I was not disappointed. Belladonna struggles to keep the Eater of the World from taking over. Some of the characters from the first installment make a return as well. I really enjoyed the descriptions of Ephemera. Very wonderful book!