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Title : Greek New Testament-FL
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ISBN : 1598561715
ISBN13 : 978-1598561715
Format Type : EPub
Language : Altgriechisch
Publisher : Hendrickson Publ Auflage Revised 1 August 2006
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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Greek New Testament-FL Reviews

  • H. M. Murdock
    2019-04-12 18:58

    Wenn man die Bibel im Grundtext lesen und verstehen möchte, ist diese Ausgabe das absolute Standartwerk. Der Text und der Anhang sind sehr gut gelungen. Auch die Übersichtlichkeit ist gegeben. Im Vergleich zur UBS finden sich hier im Textkritischen Apparat alle verschiedenen Lesarten, was bei einer ausführlichen Bearbeitung des Textes sehr hilfreich ist. Wer sich mit dem Grundtext des NT's auseinandersetzen möchte kommt an diesem Buch nicht vorbei!

  • Botanicus Geographicus
    2019-03-30 15:03

    HA! Wie ich es liebe diesem Schrott aus der Hölle nur ein Sternchen zu geben! Nestle-Aland, das ist eine nur wenig umgedichtete NT-Perversion, die zuerst von den beiden Atheisten Westcott/Hort Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts in England herausgegeben wurde. Ziel ist die Vernichtung des Glaubens in Jesus Christus, dessen Name hunderte Male entfernt wurde. Dessen heiliges Wort (Psalm 12,6-7) durch Streichung von 17 kompletten Bibelversen und hunderten Teilversen verdreht und verwässert wurde. Verse, die alle in den Urtexten stehen und von frühesten "Kirchenvätern" zitiert werden. Aber weil die Bibelumschreiber und ihre Herren in Rom nicht auf Seiten Jesu stehen, zählen eben nur die beiden angeblich "ältesten" katholischen Texte "Sinaiticus" und "Vaticanus", beide verfälscht, mit tausenden Fehlern, Wegradierungen, seltsamen Zusatz"evangelien" und zweifelhaften Ursprungs. Klar ist nur, daß sie aus Ägypten stammen und nicht aus Byzanz, wo unsere wahre Bibel herkommt, die ohne Wegfälschungen. Wer die Bibel liebt, also wiedergeborener Christ ist (Johannes 3,1-10), lese lieber als griechischen Text den vollständigen Textus Receptus von Stephanus (1550), der werfe seine deutschen Bibelfälschungen weg und lese die King James 1611 oder die Luther vor 1911. --- Und warum dieses "Novum Testamentum Graece" bei schlechter Verarbeitungsqualität so teuer ist (auch gebraucht), wie hier einige bemängeln? Es ist eine Geldmaschine für die dahinterstehenden atheistischen Bibelverlage/Bibelgesellschaften, ebenso wie die ständig neuen falschen Bibelversionen. Die Bibel sagt: "Geld ist die Wurzel allen Übels." Echte Christen nehmen Reißaus!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-31 22:09

    Bei der Ausgabe des Novum Testamentum Graece handelt es sich um eine sehr gute Darstellung des griechischen Textes. Ein umfangreicher textkritischer Apparat hilft, die verschiedenen vorhandenen griechischen Vorlagen zu vergleichen. Es ist eine Freude, im griechischen Original zu lesen.

  • Sinalco87
    2019-03-28 19:03

    Gute Recherchearbeit und inhaltlich wirklich klasse. Preislich meiens erachtens nach aber massiv überzogen, günstigere Variante wäre sehr wünschenswert.

  • KB
    2019-04-05 18:41

    It is exactly what it claims to be, a larger print version of the standard Greek New Testament--beautiful type, high quality paper, good binding, easy on the eyes. On the other hand, the total size of the book is still convenient for reading; it's not like the large synopsis edition. I love it. I added three photos to this review. One shows this edition in between the standard UBS third edition Greek New Testament and the much larger Synopsis. As you can see, it is still a convenient size to hold in your hand. Some large print bibles are too big to hold for reading. The second picture shows two pages side by side so you can compare the type. The third photo shows a sample page from the large print edition.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-15 14:58

    I llike this edition of the Greek New Testament. The pages are an off-white and easy on the eyes. They are opaque enough so that the printing on the opposite side shows through just a bit but not enough to be that noticeable. There are biblical in color inside both covers, acting as end papers. The cover is dark blue with gold lettering; it is a hardcover but is a bit flexible. The lettering on the outside is gold, and the page-marker ribbon is gold colored too. The text/type is clearly readable, but the breathing marks are small (as with most Greek text). There are cross references in the margins and critical notes at the bottom of each page. The binding seems well done, is tight and a sewn binding, but the book lays open at any page by itself without having to be held open.Recommended.

  • NomDePlume
    2019-04-18 20:39

    SUMMARY: UBS4 Revised Edition, complete critical apparatus, English introduction and section headings, no dictionary. Published by the German Bible SocietyThere are so many editions of this worthy resource, both in and out of print, that it can be difficult to locate the exact product you're look for. Therefore, I'll say a few words about this specific edition.First, the copy I received is NOT ISBN 978-1598561715. That number is indeed printed on the label on the shrink-wrap, but when I opened the book I discovered it's actually ISBN 978-3438051103, published by the German Bible Society. Someone in the distribution pipeline re-packaged this book. However, since it is in fact the exact book I wanted, I'm not losing any sleep over it.Next, the title listed in the product description is misleading: the words "Ancient Greek Edition" appear nowhere on the title page or the binding, nor have I ever seen them on a UBS bible. I don't know who added them, but getting the right edition of UBS4 is difficult enough already, without adding to the confusion.The book consists of the UBS4 Greek text, fourth revised edition 1993 (13th printing 2007); the complete critical apparatus; English introduction and section headings; several indices; endpaper maps; and a removable insert (duplicated in the text) providing a key to the manuscripts and abbreviations. There is no dictionary or translation aids.The binding seems to be imitation leather, rather than bonded leather as per product description. It's on thin, stiff board, and should hold up well if I'm careful (one corner is already dented). I encourage you to avoid the vinyl binding - it will get sticky over time (which is the main reason I'm replacing my UBS3, a very good friend for 35 years, and which will always have an honored place on my bookshelf). I bought this binding primarily to avoid the vinyl. I wish they'd offer this in a standard cloth hardback.Everything I can say about the content is repeated in other reviews - clear, readable text, and the critical apparatus is a gold mine for those who wish to delve deeper than the "other ancient authorities" footnotes in our English bibles. The ABCD ratings of the variants, which for me are the primary reason to own the book, are the combined opinions of the smartest textual scholars on the planet. As an esteemed professor once told me, unless there is an unprecedented discovery of older texts (à la Dead Sea Scrolls), this is as close to the original manuscripts of the New Testament as we'll ever get.If you want the text and apparatus and nothing else, this is the edition for you. If, however, you want nothing but the text, take a look at . That's my go-to Greek text - I open the UBS4 mainly to explore the alternate readings.Many thanks for the countless hours of dedicated and faithful scholarship put in by the editors (especially the late and incomparable Bruce Metzger) and their staff.

  • Dave Elm
    2019-04-20 19:41

    I love it, -- but the book I received is NOT what is shown in the "Look Inside" pop-up. That shows a 'dictionary' and a fine one from what I can see there. If I had taken the time to read the comments and viewed the photos I would have realized this product is something entirely different and comes in various different editions. My copy of this new testament is the "3rd revision (corrected)" and now I wish I had the large print 4th ed. on white paper. Interestingly, the cover of my book actually says "dictionary" even though it is not so I can see how the sellers could easily mix these up. Print shop manufacturing error? I hope they fix the "Look Inside" info and I hope they offer the dictionary it shows.