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This Book bridges the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Ancient Wing Chun Kuen with Modern Science The Core of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Wing Chun Kuen is mapped into the Impulse Momentum Theorem This book presents a scientific and systematic educational platform to make the learning of Wing Chun Kuen realistic and effective This is the book comes with many tools to help one to understand Ancient Wing Chun Kuen and to grow out of ancient time capsule toward a better future....

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Wing Chun Matrix Reviews

  • Daniele Macri
    2019-03-31 20:05

    Wing Chun Matrix is until now the only book which describes a logical and a realistic way howimportant technology and science in WC is. Whilst other martial arts already cope with this, WC is farbehind from it. With this book, we can bring back WC to what it really was – a very serious martialart. This book explains how important impulse momentum theorem is and how it can beimplemented in WC. I'm really astonished how more effective my WC has become due to the good instructions of Hendrik Santo in his book. If everybody followed these rules or better, the law of physics, WC would be more respected as an effective and powerful martial art.

  • michael
    2019-04-13 19:56

    What makes this book unique is the scholastic approach the author takes in his breakdown of the fundamentals of Wing Chun, and TCMA. Making easy, and clear illustrations, and explanations of the physics involved in the art. I would say this book is a great guide, and reference for anyone wishing to expand there understanding of the Wing Chun art in action, as well as a tool to there personal development in the art.

  • Matthew Herman
    2019-04-03 18:08

    I think this is an essential book that succinctly and definitively explains the original system of Wing Chun created in history. I feel that we are all very lucky that fate led Hendrick to research Wing Chun, because very few people on this planet have the proper combination of formal education and passion to properly research and present Wing Chun scientifically.

  • Marc Laakmann
    2019-04-24 19:02

    This book together with the books "Basic Wing Chun Kuen Art And Science" and "Beginning Wing Chun Kuen" deliver a compressed and unique way to study Wing Chun Kuen and the essence of any Chinese martial art as well. You will dive into the beauty of Wing Chun Kuen as a stunning technology presented in a detailed and scientific way, objectively and demystifying what is mostly presented by other so called "masters".

    2019-04-13 17:05

    This book presents clearly what is Wing Chun Kuen and where the art finds its roots. The order of the chapters is well designed.The book begins by presenting scriptures and pictures relating Wing Chun Kuen history and highlights the fact that Wing Chun Kuen's Core is about Momentum. The first 3 chapters define clearly what Wing Chun Kuen is and how its Momentum is mapped into the Impulse Momentum Theorem. Wing Chun Kuen is a Traditional Martial Art specialized in the Short Strike and Take Down Momentum Zones. To be able to go into these Momentum Zones, a practitioner needs to be able to break the distance between him and his opponent. Wing Chun Kuen has a unique way of breaking this distance : the practitioner shoots into the opponent with his body integrated as one piece. This shooting in allows him to take out the opponent's balance by invading its space and attack him, at the same time, with all the joints, i.e. shocking the opponent with the ankles, knees, hips and elbows for instance.The rest of the chapters introduce the reader to the development of Wing Chun Kuen's Technology. The book presents the development road map, i.e. what the practitioner needs to train, and simple processes to gain awareness of t172437he physiological state needed to develop Wing Chun Kuen. All of these are development are then summarized in two rule maps :- I4C, standing for Impulse 4 Criteria, reminds one that we live in a physical world governed by Impulse and Momentum.- H3C, standing for Human 3 Criteria, reminds one the development/condition needed to play/fight in this physical world.The last chapter introduces the Trinity, i.e [Footwork, Body Work and Arm Techniques], which allows one to screen the specificities of Martial Arts.Finally, I would like to thank Hendrik Santo for all this knowledge with us.